Welcome evening and Marketplace

The first get-together at the Symposium on Fine Food + Drink takes place on the Welcome evening. It marks the start of this high-calibre industry get-together, which brings together decision makers from the retail trade, industry and gastronomy. The highlight of the Welcome evening is the opening of the Marketplace, where participants first get to meet industry partners' innovatively presented goods. Decision makers in all roles relevant to food meet here in order to chart a course for the future and to discuss sales potential with the products in front of them, far away from directly over the goods and far away from the annual round of talks.

140 manufacturing companies from the (luxury) food industry 2019

Guest country

Each year, a new host country gives the marketplace a distinctive flair.The host country in 2020, we will communicate shortly.

300 trade decision makers expected in 2020
20 companies from the guest country

Trade conference

Each year, the trade conference focuses on one particularly salient topic from the food industry. High-calibre experts from the business, politics and and the academic world provide considerable input, while top speakers analyse industry developments and consumer trends, with new assets along the value chain being scrutinised closely. In 2020, the Symposium Fine Food + Drink will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. The anniversary is an occasion to take up the complex changes in the food industry of the last three decades and to venture a forecast of future industry tasks. That's why the 2020 Symposium is providing bold impetus to raising awareness of the industry's responsibility. With the ecologically and economically controversial topic of sustainability, the anniversary event will be closer to the economically and socially explosive discussion than ever before.

Gala evening

The Hotel Bayerischer Hof in the heart of Munich's old town will provide the glamorous backdrop for the Gala evening. A splendid programme of entertainment and first-class dining brings every year's Symposium on Fine Food + Drink to a close in elegant surroundings. The event provides top decision makers from the food industry with another opportunity to explore the subjects raised in the Trade conference in more detail with their fellow guests.

306 leading speakers so far
1.100 participants expected in 2020